How I improved my hormonal acne in 10 easy steps

We all have had times during our lives when these pesky breakouts appear and make our lives difficult. I had my first experience with acne in high school and was bullied about how my skin was a mess.

During my adult years I had a period of approximately 2 years when I had cystic acne, it was very difficult to look at myself in the mirror and accept what was happening to my face.

I had been on the pill over ten years and I had to stop taking it. Little that I knew my face would go bonkers on me. I could have anywhere from 17-20 active cystic volcanoes on my face.

I tried everything, benzoyl peroxide, scrubs, the amount of bottles and vials on my counter just kept increasing. Back then I didn’t have the slightest idea about natural medicine or alternative ways of treating my skin.

I had just started dating my fiancé back then and he was very persistent about me throwing away all my beloved luxury brands of makeup because it was full of parabens. That was the beginning of my journey to clean living.

How do you know if you have hormonal acne? Usually it appears around the time of ovulation or right before your period. Its favourite places are: the chin, cheeks, sometimes neck, back and chest.

10 Easy steps to improve your skin right now:

  1. Hydration: women need at least 2.7 litters of water per day (more on exercise days or hot days).
  2. Diet: avoid all known allergens, such as lactose and gluten. Eat meat free from antibiotics and as naturally raised as possible. Cows receive an enormous amount of hormones so that they grow faster and produce more milk for longer periods. Avoid sugar since it might throw off your gut flora and that can have an impact on your skin as well.
  3. Be gentle, don’t over scrub! You will break your capillaries and create micro scratches and make your skin thinner less resistant to the environment including the sun and wind. I was guilty of it! I loved the squeaky clean feeling. I have learned that less is more when it comes to scrubbing. Do it once a week. You can also try an enzymatic cleanser which will be kinder on your skin.
  4. Know your skin type: it will help you to choose cleansers and make-up that make your skin happy. As a rule of thumb chose a cleanser that is mild, paraben and sulfate free if possible. If you have dry skin or mature skin, there is a plethora of cream cleansers out there.
  5. Take care of your liver: try a liver loving herb like milk thistle or dandelion to help you remove toxins from your liver. Some of the feminine hormones pass through the liver. There has been some research done regarding Indole 3 carbinol and hormonal acne.
  6. Drink something detoxifying first thing in the morning: have a glass of warm water with lemon or lime, it helps your liver clean up the residue from the night before. You can also have straight organic celery juice.
  7. Have some Zinc: zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory; it helps to reduce the acne causing bacteria. You can try it topically or ingested.
  8. Try tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is my go to for acne prevention. It is a bit smelly but it works wonders. It is a natural antibacterial and antifungal. Apply a few drops of diluted tea tree oil to your problem areas after washing your face at night.
  9. Take your omega 3’s: omega 3’s are wonderful for your hair, skin and nails. They are anti-inflammatory and help to regulate the amount of oil your skin produces.
  10. Relax! Over worrying about your breakouts will only make you more stressed, know that it is temporary and that you are taking the necessary steps to get your glowing skin back.