• I am pleased to recommend Ellie, she supported me throughout my pregnancy and post pregnancy. She understands people and their needs and has a wealth of knowledge on how the body works. She has insightful comments for ways of rethinking food, preparation and planning. She is a great listener and extremely easy to open-up to. I found Ellie to be an engaging and supportive professional who is confident in her abilities. Her motivation, passion and love for nutrition does not go unnoticed. Her capability for designing nutrition plans and advancing her education is inspiring.

    Kendra Kennedy Fitness Trainer and Teacher
  • I am very grateful and happy with the results of working with Ellie. I noticed the difference in a short period of time. Most of the time I was feeling tired and stressed. Ellie thought me what I needed to change in my daily routine and now I feel more energy, I am more focused and relaxed which allows me to perform better at work. Thank you Ellie!!!

    Alex Rodriguez Payroll Administrator
  • Ellie has been such a great help for me and my family. Her knowledge of wellness, natural remedies and balanced life guidance have truly been key to the lifestyle changes I’ve put in place in my life. Overall I am happier and healthier. We’ve seen significant improvements and for this we are very grateful to Ellie. We are blessed to have met her and will continue to work with her to ensure we remain healthy and happy!

    Bertha Vargas Sales Director


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