• I met Ellie and it was definitely meant to be. Her healing space is warm and welcoming, a place for deep healing. She was grounded and ethical as we explored some of the darkest parts of my life. She did her work with grace and respect for my limits, even when I did not know where they were myself. She held impeccable space without any room for judgment or ego. I am so grateful for her divine presence as a mentor and guide as I wade through the murky waters of my past to find the light I hold inside. After our first session together I noticed a difference in my energy, I feel exponentially lighter and increasingly grounded, as I let go of the past and carry and integrate the lessons forward. I am very excited to continue working with her on my journey to stepping into my purpose. If you want to quantum leap into your highest timeline she is the one to see. Thank you so much for everything!

    Rachel L. Social Worker & Yoga Instructor
  • Hi Ellie, Honestly, words are not enough to describe fully, the state of my emotions and my body and my soul, how strong and beautiful and loving and caring space for people to let themselves free and open to receive the incredible cacao ceremony. The lush of colours and smells, beating of the drum , open honest caring conversations. I was in a deep state of joy and love, my heart opened up wide to receive grace and guidance from such a beautiful powerful loving person that I am grateful to cross paths now in my life. I am grateful and thankful for having the support of my friend who brought me there. To many beautiful powerful joyful gatherings. Thank you, Ellie

    Noni S.
  • Ellie was an Angel sent to me when I felt so alone and lost with not only emotional and energetic ailments but also some physical issues. Our session felt very comfortable, warm and like we have known each other forever - It was like spending time with a friend , one that really deeply cares and holds a safe space that allows to go deep and heal. Not only did the session feel amazing, I also appreciated all the on top bonus recommendations and valuable infos Ellie put together in an e-mail for me - accustomized to me and what came up in the healing. Overall it’s just such a blessing to get regular messages from Ellie, as it shows she is doing everything from a place of deep love and care. I will definitely book another session and continue feeling better :) So much love to you Ellie, thank you for existing.

    Nicole P.
  • Thank you so much Ellie, Your work is very beautiful, it has brought a lot of well-being to my life. I tell you that I felt your presence and support all the time as if you were physically by my side, the whole process was very beautiful and brought a lot of clarity to my life about why I felt dull and unwilling to smile. When you asked me how I felt and when you scanned my body I told you that it felt like an intrusive energy in my chest that you removed. At the end of the session I felt very light, happy and encouraged. I was surprised to find that I had stopped doing things like singing, walking and whistling melodies. Today I feel very good I have gone for a walk, listening to music and whistling melodies. I feel like I have regained my joy and spirits. Thank you for your work and contribution to all of us who, like me, can count on your support!

    Sonia F. Real Estate Agent
  • Ellie, My anxiety has lowered, I am feeling lighter and with increased joy. Thank you so much for the work you do. My kids and I are in a good place and I can feel the life force of love and joy. Thank you so much for clearing and working with me, I have tears I am so gratefuIl! I just got off the phone with my best friend and I told her about you and she said, "I need that" I will give her your contact info

    Client wishes to remain anonymous
  • Ellie has been such a great help for me and my family. Her knowledge of wellness, natural remedies and balanced life guidance have truly been key to the lifestyle changes I’ve put in place in my life. Overall I am happier and healthier. We’ve seen significant improvements and for this we are very grateful to Ellie. We are blessed to have met her and will continue to work with her to ensure we remain healthy and happy!

    Bertha V. Sales Director
  • Since I depend on my body to help me to be my best, every bite matters. That's why I asked Ellie for her expert advise on how to nurture my body. Ellie's training, knowledge, and intuitive gift guided her to recognize quickly what was lacking in my daily eating and drinking habits. I accepted her suggestions and in a short time my internal system is calmer and more efficiently functioning. 

    Ingrid C. Hypnotist & Wealth Coach
  • Highly recommended. I’ve now taken a find ownership of “my” Shaman. There’s still a lot of work I want to do in soul retrieval and unpacking pain from the past so that I can move on in the energy transmuted. My life has only improved ever since I met Ellie. I’m so lucky and I believe in her so much and her process and her safe practices that when I can I gift the first session to my friends!

    Emma B. Fine Arts
  • Tonight, Ellie Fabra guided me in my first Shaman session. I did not know what to expect, I only knew that I wanted to rid myself of the heavy entity/energy that has taken hold in my life. Not only was Ellie incredible professional, I found her easy to talk to, and open myself up in an honest manner. She is the most amazing guide, and was so gentle with my spirit. I still have my own journey ahead of me, however, with Ellie as a start guide, I feel Light, Love, and Strength returning to me. I truly look forwarded to our next session, and to continue this journey to join the other beacons of light in this beautiful Eden on earth. Thank you Ellie

    Alexandra P. Farmer and mother
  • I had a Shamanic Divination card reading with Ellie and it was an incredible session. Ellie was able to read the cards and tune into messages that she was receiving in order to help me with my given situation. What impressed me about Ellie, was her very compassionate, caring and gentle demeanour that was supportive throughout the entire experience. She was able to add humour when needed and she definitely went the extra mile! I didn’t feel rushed and I felt that she was sincerely dedicated to provide guidance for me. After the reading, I was in total BLISS! I felt so great. She answered my questions; she provided me with great insight and she was so sweet and kind. I would definitely recommend sessions with Ellie. I am booking my next appointment soon!

    Maria G. Author
  • Yesterday I had one of the best experiences of my life! After connecting with Ellie I was fascinated by her blend of nutritional know how and shamanic gifts, so I knew I had to book a session with her but had no idea what to expect. Ellie put me right at ease and was able to connect immediately with things that were happening with me and how she could help me heal. It felt like we were in the same room even though we are on other sides of the world. Her blend of wisdom is so powerful and unique. I cannot wait to have another session. I feel amazing since she worked on me. I've felt lighter, more joyful and more directed in which nutrition changes I need to make. I would highly recommend her, she is caring and has a genuine heart and gift for healing. Thank you Ellie

    Clair M. Spiritual Coach
  • I am a Spiritual Healer and have been helping to heal people for the past 5 years. When I met Ellie, I was so enchanted by her warm personality, her integrity and most of all her knowledge. We hit it off immediately! When I decided to have a card reading done by her, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was opened to receive and I was very curious to say the least. The in-depth messages that came to her were powerful! Everything she helped me see confirmed exactly what I was feeling and it made me feel even more empowered. I love that Ellie meets you where you’re at and she tunes in to see what is needed; what will help the client in the best way possible. She is truly a gem at what she does and I am so grateful to the Universe for placing her in my life. I would absolutely suggest anyone who is needing any kind of answers to help better their lives, to contact Ellie as I know you will be in great loving hands. Namaste

    Grace B. Energy Healer and Registered Nutritionist
  • I was recommended to contact Ellie because I have very sore skin. I am a cancer survivor and the radiotherapy has made my skin ouch. It is a year and a half after my treatment. So, I contacted Ellie and she arranged a consultation I am in the UK and she is in Canada. So, one Saturday early evening we had my consultation. She was so helpful we talked for an hour and a bit I really connected with her. She listened to me and said she could help my skin by looking at my diet and she explained to me that I should avoid some foods and eat others as they may prevent cancer and, in my case, may stop it from reoccurring. She also said about taking some supplements. Coming away from my consultation I felt hope that someone was helping me so far, I had been told by my consultant that the skin is radiotherapy scars and takes time to heal but he would get a gynaecologist appointment for me and we are in a pandemic so who knows when that will be. A few days later I get a very comprehensive plan. She explains in detail and some of the science bits behind it. She advised me to eat certain foods and to take certain supplements. I have been following the diet and taking the supplements for 3 weeks and she also recommended some cream for my skin. Wow, the broken skin is much much better. It is working its early days but I have seen an improvement. Ellie is brilliant she checks in on me and I feel she is holding my hand even if she is a thousand miles away. So glad I was recommended to see her.

    Caroline P. Artisan
  • Hi Ellie, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Your healing worked wonders! I immediately felt so energised and grounded from working with you. I am feeling a lot lighter and present within myself. So again thank you to the healers out there like yourself that have committed to serving others. Grateful xxx

    Dee M.
  • Ellie is an amazing healer. I had 1 session for shamanic healing and another one for reading of leaves with her, and I am thrilled about the loving way she helped me. Her heart us full of compassion and her insights were really helpful at this moment in my life. No judgment, nothing else but love and light I received from her, and I am truly grateful

    Paola F. Psychologist
  • I received many healings from Ellie and the last one was a powerful Soul Retrieval. Eliana is a natural , a pure channel, her style is very authentic and to the point. Every time I receive a healing from her I feel strongly empowered, back on my feet . She has the ability to effortlessly connect in a very accurate way to what needs to be received. I always feel safe in her hands because her intention is pure , in service. Thank you for everything that you bring into this world, for your support. Some people are naturally gifted , she is one of them.

    David S. Creative and Shamanic Healer
  • Deep appreciation for the distant healing session given by Ellie. She opens space for trust and creates a beautiful ritual with love, to analyze symptoms and thus achieve deep understandings to be healed. Ellie helped me in my session to understand and navigate emotions, to be able to see past traumas, so that they can be recognized and healed from a safe space.

    Erika M. Creative and Graphic Designer
  • Ellie's insights were spot on when it came to my past, present and what the future could hold for me. I felt heard and seen by her during my reading. I am ready to move forward with releasing blocks around my relationships and career. Ellie's reading affirmed several things I was feeling and experiencing in my life. Thank you for the clarity and compassion

    Mikka L. Holistic Health Coach and Dr. of Divinity
  • “I met Ellie about a month ago for a Shamanic Divination, Tarot Card Reading. It was my first time meeting her and I can’t believe how she made me feel relaxed, so quickly! I really liked her style and how friendly and warm she was, without any judgment. Ellie was able to help me answer some questions that I had and she gave me hope and encouragement. I would definitely recommend a session with Ellie for whatever area in your life you would like some help with.”

    Stephanie G. University Student
  • My anxiety has lowered, I am feeling lighter and with increased joy. Thank you so much for the work you do. My kids and I are in a good place and I can feel the life force of love and joy. Thank you so much for clearing and working with me, I have tears I am so gratefuIl! I just got off the phone with my best friend and I told her about you and she said, "I need that" I will give her your contact info

    Client wishes to remain anonymous
  • Hello Ellie, So much has changed since my healing. I got a job that I love, I feel stronger on my feet and freer in my step. You have removed so much that was holding me back. I appreciate you so incredibly and cannot wait until our next meeting ! That being said, I would love to book an appointment with you for my daughter. Would you be able to send me the link to set a time? I would love for this to happen soon if possible.

    Karen T.
  • Hello darling, Feeling so much lighter and peaceful this morning after our session. Feeling like my heart is back to it’s normal open self after our Illumination session. Feels like a weight has been removed off my chest and I can rest in the deepest & tender parts of my heart again. You are such a gifted Shaman & Energy Practitioner. So much gratitude into my heart You are a blessings into my life .

    Angie M. Life Coach & Healer
  • Ellie's session feels was just what I needed as practitioner and especially at the time of going through majorly changes in my personal life. Ellie intuitively knew energetically where my issues were in places in my body and different times in my life. Towards the end of my body it felt lighter and my sacral stiffness disappeared, slept peaceful and soundly that night in the midst of lots of changes and growth challenges. I am recommending her to clients and friends for shamanic healing. She is a natural working in this realm.

    Mikka L. Holistic Health Coach & Dr. of Divinity
  • I have joined several women's circle/cacao ceremonies with Ellie and I highly reccomend the experience. A safe sacred space to connect to your femine side while you explore and process what needs to be. Guided and held by Ellie, you will have ah ha moments, maybe shed some tears and connect with other women. It's beautiful, it's heart opening and it's healing. A high form of self care.

    Jennifer C.
  • I feel so blessed and absolutely grateful to met Ellie. I truly honour her gifts and the professional work she does. She brings so much light in my life and every time I am with her true Magic unfolds. Ellie is amazing in bringing the material and the energy world together, she has eyes for the whole picture and she will pick you up wherever you are on your journey, she will hold your hand and will give you the glimpse to look into this big interconnected world, without feeling overwhelmed. Step by step closer to your actual soul calling, she brings healing and love in every part of your being, your present, your past, and your future will be instantly transformed - the value is so much bigger than any words could ever describe.

    Melanie W.
  • Thank you again for our session ❤️ I am honestly still wowed at all that you felt/saw. It gave me such a deep sense of acknowledgement and validation. I don't use hardships in my life in a victimy way but there is something really powerful about being seen in a really safe way.

    Teresa H.


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