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I'm a Registered Health & Nutrition Counselor, Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner of the Peruvian Q'ero lineage, graduated from the world renowned Four Winds Society, Light Body School with Alberto Villoldo.

I help people with chronic pain, transform negative behaviors and patterns, and release trauma so they can truly nourish themselves, feel whole again, and attain their possible highest destiny.

If you don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed, If you have tried everything under the sun without success a more personalized and nurturing approach might work better for you.

After my own experience with illness and bouncing back thanks to natural health, I have great faith in holistic medicine.

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Kind Words From Clients

  • I have joined several women's circle/cacao ceremonies with Ellie and I highly reccomend the experience. A safe sacred space to connect to your femine side while you explore and process what needs to be. Guided and held by Ellie, you will have ah ha moments, maybe shed some tears and connect with other women. It's beautiful, it's heart opening and it's healing. A high form of self care.

    Jennifer Collon
  • I met Ellie and it was definitely meant to be. Her healing space is warm and welcoming, a place for deep healing. She was grounded and ethical as we explored some of the darkest parts of my life. She did her work with grace and respect for my limits, even when I did not know where they were myself. She held impeccable space without any room for judgment or ego. I am so grateful for her divine presence as a mentor and guide as I wade through the murky waters of my past to find the light I hold inside. After our first session together I noticed a difference in my energy, I feel exponentially lighter and increasingly grounded, as I let go of the past and carry and integrate the lessons forward. I am very excited to continue working with her on my journey to stepping into my purpose. If you want to quantum leap into your highest timeline she is the one to see. Thank you so much for everything!

    Rachel Lee
  • I received many healings from Ellie and the last one was a powerful Soul Retrieval. Ellie is a natural , a pure channel, her style is very authentic and to the point. Every time I receive a healing from her I feel strongly empowered, back on my feet . She has the ability to effortlessly connect in a very accurate way to what needs to be received. I always feel safe in her hands because her intention is pure , in service. Thank you for everything that you bring into this world, for your support. Some people are naturally gifted, she is one of them.

    David Scarna
  • Ellie's intuitive approach to healing is a breath of fresh air. I have been on a journey with chronic pain and migraines for 25 years and I found Ellie while I was experiencing a breakdown. Within one session, I felt elevated and lighter. Her knowledge, kindness, and openness allowed for light to come into my pain and create an expansiveness of healing. She guides me by providing optimal wellness solutions, supplements, and rituals to enhance my vitality and glow. Thank you Ellie for the myriad of gifts you are sharing with the world and I am grateful for YOU!

    Lauren Markow
  • My anxiety has lowered, I am feeling lighter and with increased joy. Thank you so much for the work you do. My kids and I are in a good place and I can feel the life force of love and joy. Thank you so much for clearing and working with me, I have tears I am so gratefuIl! I just got off the phone with my best friend and I told her about you and she said, "I need that" I will give her your contact info

    Client wishes to remain anonymous
  • Thank you so much Ellie, Your work is very beautiful, it has brought a lot of well-being to my life. I tell you that I felt your presence and support all the time as if you were physically by my side, the whole process was very beautiful and brought a lot of clarity to my life about why I felt dull and unwilling to smile. At the end of the session I felt very light, happy and encouraged. I was surprised to find that I had stopped doing things like singing, walking and whistling melodies. Today I feel very good I have gone for a walk, listening to music and whistling melodies. I feel like I have regained my joy and spirits. Thank you for your work and contribution to all of us who, like me, can count on your support!

    Sonia Foronda
  • I had a Shamanic Divination card reading with Ellie and it was an incredible session. Ellie was able to read the cards and tune into messages that she was receiving in order to help me with my given situation. What impressed me about Ellie, was her very compassionate, caring and gentle demeanour that was supportive throughout the entire experience. She was able to add humour when needed and she definitely went the extra mile! I didn’t feel rushed and I felt that she was sincerely dedicated to provide guidance for me. After the reading, I was in total BLISS! I felt so great. She answered my questions; she provided me with great insight and she was so sweet and kind. I would definitely recommend sessions with Ellie. I am booking my next appointment soon!

    Maria Gonyea


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Join my exclusive newsletter to get monthly health news, recipes, tips and assorted goodies delivered straight to your inbox.



Join my exclusive newsletter to get monthly health news, recipes, tips and assorted goodies delivered straight to your inbox.


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