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  • I am sincerely thankful to Ellie, she has helped with my health, changing my life in a way I couldn’t imagine, suggesting exactly the minerals my body needed, perhaps for my whole life. I didn’t know how important vitamins and supplements were. I used to be tired and sleepy most of the time and used to get sick easily and I had problems with acne . Thanks to Ellie’s knowledge I am currently full of energy, the probiotics she suggested healed my acne, I didn’t catch a cold this winter. Plus I am recovering my long hair I had as teenager and my nails are growing stronger, honestly for the first time in my life. Ellie also helped me to reduce my anxiety and addiction to cigarettes even during quarantine. Thanks to the relaxing teas and natural pills it’s easier control my anxiety. She has helped me to reduce nicotine’s abstinence symptoms. I can sleep better, even relax and deal with my depression. Grabbing a cigarette wasn't optional to me, now I feel in a better mood as well. I totally recommend her, she can provide you with great support during these hard times.

    Denisse Reyes
  • Recently, I shared that I was experiencing some challenges in my relationship with food. Ellie was so kind and generous, she right away offered her help. Although I have been researching nutrition, body intelligence and intuitive eating for the last 5 years, and saw a few specialists, it still seems like there is this unhealthy attachment to overindulging in food that drains my energy and makes me feel fatigued, confused and dizzy throughout the day. During our session, Ellie gracefully walked me through all the details of how to connect with food, balance my meals and which supplements would be beneficial in my case. I loved this individualized way of addressing my challenges and this ‘West-meets-East’ approach to wellness Ellie is so versed in. Ellie was asking me questions that felt so uncomfortable at first yet made me travel deep into the root cause of seeing food as a shelter and associating it with being loved. I appreciated the simple and practical steps that Ellie suggested, so my subconscious was not too overwhelmed with the action plan and finally was ready to execute. I highly recommend connecting with Ellie if you are interested in learning more about your body, health, and your relationship with food. Ellie is so passionate about what she does, she is beyond knowledgeable about wellness and nutrition. I feel so empowered to explore this loving and caring relationship with food and my body using the wisdom and action steps Ellie shared with me. Thank you so much, Ellie!!!

    Eve Chingaeva
  • Ellie's intuitive approach to healing is a breath of fresh air. I have been on a journey with chronic pain and migraines for 25 years and I found Ellie while I was experiencing a breakdown. Within one session, I felt elevated and lighter. Her knowledge, kindness, and openness allowed for light to come into my pain and create an expansiveness of healing. She guides me by providing optimal wellness solutions, supplements, and rituals to enhance my vitality and glow. Thank you Ellie for the myriad of gifts you are sharing with the world and I am grateful for YOU!

    Lauren Markow
  • I recently reached out to Ellie about doing a consultation with her after noticing a steady decline in my energy levels over the past several months. Although I was already being treated for several chronic health issues by my family doctor as well as multiple specialists, I continued to struggle with debilitating fatigue and often even the small everyday tasks such as showering felt daunting. During our time together, Ellie provided me with several helpful suggestions on how I could boost my energy so that it could sustain me throughout the day. Upon execution of these small yet impactful changes over the next several days and weeks I noticed I felt less sluggish and became more able to engage in increasing levels of activity I highly reccomend working with Ellie. She has a wealth of knowledge in all things health and nutrition. I believe she truly has a gift when it comes to breaking down this wisdom into simple, practical steps, that anyone can implement. As a result of her gentle guidance and expertise, I know feel empowered to take back control of my health.

    Jennifer Whitfield

Hello! It is so nice to connect with you!

I'm a Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach, Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Energy Practitioner. I specialize in helping my clients heal physically and spiritually using nutrition, natural remedies and shamanic energy medicine techniques.

I work with people that want a more natural approach to manage their health, have more energy, less pain and stress. If you don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed, If you have tried other avenues without success a holistic approach might provide some relief.

I will help you to create master wellness plan that works for your unique needs . After my own experience with ill health and bouncing back thanks to natural health, I have great faith in a holistic approach to wellness.

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Join my exclusive newsletter to get monthly health news, recipes, tips and assorted goodies delivered straight to your inbox.



Join my exclusive newsletter to get monthly health news, recipes, tips and assorted goodies delivered straight to your inbox.


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