I was born and raised in Dominican Republic. I spent my childhood playing outside surrounded by nature. Since then, I’ve had great love and respect for animals.

After many years searching for my spiritual truth, I decided to pursue shamanic energy medicine training at The Four Winds Society with renowned teacher Alberto Villoldo.

Recently, I discovered my strong connection with feather work. Making smudging fans is an intuitive process from selecting the feathers to placing them together.

The feathers are disinfected to prevent deterioration by bugs produced over time . The wood comes from the wild boreal forest in the Yukon Territory, I gather the wood during my forest walks.

Smudging is an ancient practice used to change the energy of places and before ceremonies. Many plants are used to produce sacred smoke including sage, juniper, sweet grass, copal etc.

The fans have been initiated as sacred tools with a small ceremony asking for blessings and for the support of the ancestors, plant and animal spirits.

Making shamanic tools allows me to integrate my creative and my shamanic sides to be in service of Mother Earth (Pachamama) and honor and all her creations, to share my medicine and healing with the world. Aho!