The numerous benefits of cacao

Where to begin!

I’d love to tell you all the things that I love about cacao!

Let’s start with the taste, there is nothing like a delicious piece of chocolate or a warm cup of chocolate in a cold day.

Besides being extremely pleasant to eat or drink cacao is jam packed with nutrients such as magnesium zinc and iron which tend to be some of the most common deficiencies in women.

Cacao is also a precursor to serotonin the happiness neurotransmitter, also Anandamide “the bliss molecule”.

It can help you with cardiovascular health reducing your levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), improve your mood and reduces some of the symptoms of PMS.

The Greek name for cacao is Theobroma Cacao which means ‘Food of the Gods, Thea (god), Broma (food), the Mayans, Aztecs and other cultures in Mesoamerica used ceremonial cacao in their spiritual practices, there are some places left in Mexico and Guatemala where traditional practices for planting and collecting the magical seeds are still observed until today.

At the spiritual level cacao is medicine for the heart, it helps you to connect deeply with your inner truth, discover parts of yourself and creates the space for expansion, love and forgiveness.

It is in your heart where you store old stories, grief and other emotions, cacao serves as a catalyst to help you transmute them in a safe space.

During a cacao ceremony you will experience deep transformation, you will receive a cup of cacao prepared in sacred space with great intention and using plants (rose, lavender) and spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg). I usually sing and dance when preparing ceremonial cacao and use rose quartz to infuse it with gentle energy.

Ceremonial cacao is not the same as chocolate or cocoa, it is harvested in a respectful way then processed by talented artisans. I use a heirloom cacao variety from Chiapas Mexico which has been preserved by the local growers.

I hope you join me during one of my cacao ceremonies to experience it yourself!

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