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In an enlightening interview with MysticMag, Ellie Fabra shares her journey from a passion for holistic nutrition to the profound depths of shamanic practices, a path unveiled through her personal quest for health and wholeness.

Her narrative, as featured on MysticMag, reveals how an encounter at a shamanic cacao ceremony in Mexico was the catalyst for blending traditional health counseling with ancient shamanic wisdom. This fusion, she believes, facilitates a more comprehensive wellness approach, addressing both the physical and energetic realms.

Through her collaboration with MysticMag, Fabra elucidates how she tailors wellness plans to the intricate tapestries of her clients’ lives, integrating dietary guidance with spiritual practices, thus crafting a personalized and holistic journey toward healing.

What inspired you to combine traditional health counseling with shamanic practices?

What inspired me was my own health journey, holistic nutrition was my first love. It helped me to restore my physical health after many years of having symptoms that were hard to diagnose. Food heals! After some time of studying and incorporating holistic health & nutrition into my life, I felt something was missing and I started exploring the world of energy, learning how to read the tarot and oracle cards, Reiki, etc. It wasn’t until I went to a shamanic cacao ceremony in Mexico that I felt the pull towards shamanism. I knew immediately I wanted to learn more about ancient wisdom.

In my experience when people are experiencing issues with physical health is hard to think about anything else. My method consists of addressing nutritional deficiencies with functional nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. Once the body has started to repair itself we can work on the energy level. Shamanic practices seek to bring balance and to remove trauma imprints from your energy field. I believe that combining holistic health & nutrition with shamanic practices provides a comprehensive approach to wellness.

How do you personalize wellness plans for your clients, considering their unique needs?

I listen, deeply and emphatically. I look for things that might have been missed. I look attentively at their overall health and habits. What do they eat? Do they drink enough water? Have they experienced trauma? I have a comprehensive intake form accompanied by a one-hour call to deep dive into whatever the client wants to focus on.

Then I prepare a detailed wellness plan that includes personalized nutritional recommendations according to the person’s age and needs. Sometimes, meal plans, shopping lists, etc. The plan also includes tailor-made supplementation recommendations taking into account interactions with medications.

There is always a spiritual component to my wellness plans, for example: starting a mindfulness practice, journaling, forest bathing, working on forgiveness, etc. I am a big fan of books, hypnosis tracks, and sound healing as well.

Can you explain the process and benefits of a cacao ceremony within a women’s circle?

The first step in a cacao ceremony is to prepare the space. I start with a thorough space clearing with sacred smoke. I open sacred space calling in the four directions, play music, and dance as I intentionally set the altar in the center of the room, placing each flower where it wants to be.

The participants are welcomed and smudged as they arrive. We sit in a circle and introduce ourselves and our intentions. I will guide the group in a breathing exercise and grounding visualization. I serve the cacao and the ceremony starts. Depending on the energy of the group or whatever I sense the attendees would benefit from we can have shamanic divination and journeying, drumming and usually at the end we do some somatic dance to release the energy of whatever came up during the ceremony. There are many benefits of having a cacao ceremony, cacao is a wonderful heart-opening plant medicine it is not psychoactive but neuroactive. It helps people to find a sense of expansion, common ground and to reconnect with themselves.

In my experience, it helps in the context of a circle to work on our blockages. Sometimes I call cacao “a spiritual cork opener”. In a circle magic happens, and you come to realize that we are all mirrors for each other. Also, the feeling of being held in a safe container and speaking from the heart.

How does your background in the Peruvian Q’ero lineage influence your healing practices?

Growing up in the Dominican Republic I remember learning in history class about the Mayan, The Aztecs, and The Incas. I was always fascinated by ancient civilizations for some reason. I received my training at the renowned shamanic school the Four Winds Society founded by Alberto Villoldo who studied for many years with The Q’ero Nation. He adapted the wisdom to modern times.

I am a very ethical healer, the Peruvian Q’ero teachings are at the core of my healing practices. It is such a beautiful body of knowledge. In its essence, it teaches that we are all caretakers of the Earth “Pachamama”. A true shaman works for the benefit of all living things: plants, animals, humans, and the cosmos, and does not seek personal gain or fame. I follow the teachings from The Q’eros methodically and respectfully in my healing sessions. I use the tools I was taught to use such as feathers, rattles, drums, Florida water, and crystals.

I am what is known as a “Pampamesayoq” or mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition. I have received the 13 shamanic rites several times, I am a Munay-ki teacher as well, so I have the honor of transmitting the rites to students. The Q’eros provided permission to disseminate the teachings during this time of great change.

What challenges have you encountered in integrating holistic health and shamanism, and how have you overcome them?

That’s a very good question! I had someone tell me one time he would never see me for a holistic health consultation because I read the cards! I was a bit shocked and saddened by his comment.

I find sometimes it is hard for people to see me as a multifaceted practitioner. Holistic health coaching and nutrition are based on science. I used the same books in nutrition school that are used in other health programs. Believe me, it was thousands and thousands of pages I had to read to obtain my license.

Lately, I am focusing more on my shamanic practice, it is my passion. When someone has an appointment with me they receive the best of both worlds: holistic health coaching and energetic practices. I find it really fun when I go to a social gathering, people ask me: what do you do for a living? I answer calmly, I am a shaman and holistic health & nutrition coach. Usually, people are very interested or I can see the color change in their faces! I find being honest and open about what I do helps, I try to demystify shamanism as much as I can and explain what I am doing and why during my sessions. I truly believe that we have the power to heal ourselves with a more earth-based approach.

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