What is a Shamanic Energy Practitioner and why you need one?

In 2013 I had brush with death, I suffered a stroke at 36, and my mother died 10 days after. That same year, I filed for divorce after 7 years of marriage. I became so incapacitated that I wondered if I would make it through, I had difficulty walking, seeing, and experienced incredible pain.

When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor, but I ended up becoming a shaman. It took me more than forty years to accept the calling.

One of the first things I do when I start working with a client is asking them if they know what a shaman is. Shamanism is a practice believed to be over 100,000 years old according to anthropologists. There are mentioned in many cultures throughout the world. It is not a religion but a set of spiritual practices.

I had the privilege of attending The Four Winds Society’s Light Body School, considered “The Harvard of New Shamanism, they teach ethical and conscious shamans. I was trained in the Incan Q’uero tradition from Peru. The Q’uero went into hiding in the mountains of Peru at the time of the Spanish Conquistadors to preserve their knowledge.

According to my teacher, Alberto Villoldo, Shamans are the mediators between the visible and the invisible world. They can help their clients come back to their essential nature, back into balance.

Shamans are stewards of the Earth and all its inhabitants including humans, plants, and animals. They seek bringing beauty and healing to all living beings.

There are many benefits to shamanic energy medicine for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health . In my practice I work with clients with chronic pain, those who have endured trauma, and who want to improve their health but haven’t had much success with other methods of healing.

As we go through life, emotions, illnesses, accidents etc. leave imprints on your Luminous Energy Body. The body remembers that car crash, illness or death in the family that had happened many years ago and does not distinguish between a surgeon’s knife and a regular knife.

Shamans can assist in removing blockages in your energy body so that your physical body can kickstart its own healing process. Some of the benefits of shamanic healing include: increased energy, more clarity, facilitating forgiveness and compassion.

Shamanic energy medicine is both gentle and effective and can bring about change into someone’s life. Shamans work with subtle energies and believe that we are all connected, they often work with remote clients, even in different countries.

Seeing a shamanic energy medicine practitioner can be part of your preventative health routine. It is a good idea to see your practitioner a few times per year.

Before working with a shaman, do your research. Ask how long they have been practicing, who trained them etc. You can also ask your friends for a referral. The best way to tell if a practitioner is right for you is how you feel after the session.

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